Piano Tuning, according to Websters is “…the process of slightly modifying the musical intervals of the pure scale to produce a set of 12 equally spaced tones to the octave which enables a keyboard instrument to play in all keys.” Typically, pianos go out of tune because of changes in humidity as the season’s change. Fortunately, for those of us who live in the Northwest the change in humidity does not vary as much, so you can get by with one tuning a year for pianos at standard pitch. For heavier use, you may need to have your piano tuned more often. The best time of year to have your piano tuned is 2 weeks after you turn the heat on in the winter and 2 weeks after you turn the heat off in the spring.

The Piano Tuning Process: The piano technician starts by tempering the middle section of the piano. Once the middle section is tempered so that it can be played in all musical keys while sounding good to the human ear, the technician will tune the bass and treble sections in reference to the center.  Finally, the piano tuner will test all the sections to confirm that all the notes sound good in relation to each other.

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